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Competitor’s Parts  & Conversion

If you only have competitor part numbers, it is not a problem! We accept all major competitors part numbers, aliases, descriptions, quantities and
application. We will accept your number and provide you with the equivalent application in a Purolator filter number. We provide Purolator filters because
they are a quality filter that has stood the tests of time (Established in 1923). They are the inventor of the oil filter, after all!

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NOT IN STOCK: If we don’t have it, WE WILL STOCK IT OR SOURCE IT! We are always looking to improve our business, by adding hundreds of
products, brands, SKU’s and part numbers daily.

BACKORDERS: You hate backorders, and so do we! We are constantly monitoring our stock levels to ensure we are taking care of you! In the event of
a backorder, we ask that you re-order that item (Special Order items are an exception). Most items are usually in stock within 1-2 weeks maximum.
Regardless, BS Products WILL proactively COMMUNICATE any, and all potential back orders/product delays

Special Order

Yes, Choice Wholesale has partnered with the leading manufacturers of automotive Tools & Equipment, Fluids & Additives, Service Machines and Supplies.

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Order Approval

We choose to be your business partner, instead of simply providing product. One way that BS Products will help you achieve this, is by monitoring/manage
spending. On request, we will hold orders so that they may be approved before shipping out. Orders can be placed in a quote and emailed to a
specified person for review/approval before the order is released and shipped.
This helps ensure that your employees aren’t overspending on products and helps you (The owner/manager) maintain your margins!

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